Monday, March 12, 2012

Meditation makes you an excellent student!-

Meditation is the finest solution to many problems, but many have failed to recognise the fact. 
Meditation is the best medicine, which is preferred by every one for mental depression and tension. Success falls at the side of a student, who practices meditation regularly.
Meditation is good for all the ages, especially it is very important for students because this stage determines future life.
Students can obtain lot of benefits through meditation. Peace of mind, good sustainability, good health, concentration and attention are some of the major outcomes of meditation.
Students encounter lot of mental stress (for example: a student cannot concentrate on particular thing in a particular time) at that peculiar stage. But, meditation can alleviate such defects.
Despite knowing about the benefits of meditation, students tend to ignore meditation.  They are very much reluctant about meditation, thinking that it is a strenuous act. But actually, it is very simple exercise to mind and body.
Start doing breathing exercise, as it is considered as the first step towards meditation therapy.
Whenever you get little free time you can do this exercise. Morning and Night (just before sleep) are pretty appropriate for breathing exercise. A quiet place, which has good ventilation, is rightly appropriate one to do breathing exercise.
In this exercise, you should concentrate only on your breathing. Initially, you might feel it little tough, but as days go by you will find it easy. At the beginning stages, your mind will wander but slowly you will be able to focus your thoughts. So, do not worry about wavering mind - it is common, which you can bring it under control.
Breathing exercise is one of the best tool, but should be done at the right time and place.
It not only relaxes your mind, but also the body. Meditation is a good master for an excellent student.

Group study- A powerful tool to improve your knowledge

Generally, group study is considered as pretence followed by students usually to cheat their parents.
Today, more number of parents do not believe in group study as they believe and worry that their children use it as an opportunity to chat and pass time with friends in the name of study.
Unless the students make proper arrangements and work with integrity to have good group study parents worry would be true. But, at the same time, if it is done in the right way, it would provide with excellent results.
It is necessary to understand that the group study method is not only applicable to exam seasons but also can be followed right through the year. Students and parents must know the guidelines to make group study effective.
Appropriate friends with like mindedness and ideas are very important for making useful group study. Those friends could be the neighbours or classmates or schoolmates. It is advisable to keep the group limit to 5.
A good group study can go much beyond individual study and classroom study, if done properly. Because, students here feel free and would raise their doubts without any hesitation and shyness. They easily share their ideas regarding lessons and mutually clarify doubts. When a lesson is discussed, it could be divided as parts based on different sub headings and particular time need to be fixed to complete the analyses.
At the end of the particular time, everyone should reveal his/her understanding on the allotted section. As a result, everyone would get clear understanding on the particular lesson, in which they had elaborate discussion. Through group studies, one can avoid fear about tough lessons. Unresolved doubts can be clarified from the teachers.
Every student in the group study, analyses a particular sub topic, which had been entitled to him/her, on which they would be dedicated due to curiosity. They would try to improve their intelligence through their understanding. Hence, a genuine competition would emerge in that atmosphere.
The place, which you select for your group study, should be free from noises, disturbances and free from too much heat or cold. It could be a comfortable room or a open terrace or beneath trees.
In a group study, you can prepare model question papers and practice writing answers within a stipulated time. As a result, you could get a good experience on writing various question papers that would help to overcome exam fear. It would help to identify your mistakes.
Selecting a group leader for the group to convene the activities of the group is necessary. However, there should be periodical changes in leadership. Discipline is very important and regulations should be strictly followed.

Making an effective PowerPoint presentation

In the current scenario most of the managerial and middle level positions require frequent presentations through Power point to present their projects to higher-ups and colleagues. Being well versed with PowerPoint stand a good chance of going up the career ladder with a surge. 
Here, we provide 5 simple methods to carry out power point presentation.
Method 1
First, know about your audience before designing the PowerPoint presentation. Collect necessary information and datas for your topic, in which, you are going to deliver the speech. Know the exact duration of your speech.
Method 2
It is better to design your presentation, according to the features like when, who, why and how. Record all your information regarding the PowerPoint presentation on a paper. Align your information according to the audience. Add related pictures and video clippings for your speech, in appropriate places. If your speech belongs to marketing area, use A.I.D.A (Attention - Interest - Desire - Action) method.
Prepare your presentation accommodating only ¾ of your allotted time. It is better to take a rehearsal before the stage performance.
If there are several sub-titles in a same topic, it is necessary to explain every sub-title in brief. If not, add important points in your speech according to the situations.
Method 3
When you are going to a presentation, do not forget about your dress. You should be well dressed to attract those sitting in front of you. If you feel nervous before entering the stage, be calm and cool for a while and take a deep breath. After getting relaxed, enter the stage.
You must not merely just read the matter as it is in PowerPoint. Read some salient points and explain it in your own way. Add also some jokes, proverbs and small stories with your speech related to it. Try to uphold a smiling face and ensure to maintain good body language throughout the entire presentation.
Method 4
Avoid looking at same place; do not keep your eyes fixed in the same place, while you are talking. Look straight at your audience and give them chance to speak in-between. Do not forget to ask trivial questions from them. Though you are experienced person in presenting PowerPoint, ensure that everyone understands your speech and above all make it interesting.
Method 5
Before closing your speech, recollect entire compilation and stress your important concept. Make sure to keep your speech within the time limit. Crossing the time limit is not a good sign. Ask your audience, if they have any doubt over the presentation in the last few minutes?
Your last slide should carry the word Thanks. Use question-answer time to explain well. If you do not know the correct answer for any questions, give an assurance to the questioner that you will provide the answer later and separately. Get a feedback from your audience and correct your mistakes next time.